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QT6-15series brick-forming machine

YZP160-8Aseries baking-free brick press machine
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QT4-15forming machine

Characteristics: <主頁>


Main technical parameters:



4pcs/mold 【 390×190×190 】
24pcs/mold 【 240×115×53 】

The period time of forming


Productivity effect

6500—7500pcs/8h 【 390×190×190 】
40000-45000pcs/8h 【 240×115×53 】

Vibration frequency


Vibration force


Core gross power


Dimension 【 mm 】


Gross weight


Carried standard

GB/T 8533—1998



  1. Operating system of this line adopted Japanese PLC control system and simple operating visual touch system, assembled with data input device,safed logic control and fault diagnosis system.It can realize men-machine conversation.This machine carry out manual,semi-auto and automatic operating mathods.Parameters of all execution units can be set optionally.It will ensure the quality and effect of products.

2 . This machine adoptesd heavy duty physical design.It is produced by especial welding technique of adopting hight strength type steel.This technology ensure machine's good rigidity and big self weight,and doe to not cause syntony with centrifugal system.Due to extend the useful time of this machine.

3.With four-column guide mold and super long direct bearing,it ensure indenter and mold jacket move accurately,balance , firmly and accurate overal dimension.


4 . Multi-use of one machine.This machine can produce difform and different specification cork brick by changing molds.Hollow brick, color sidewalks slabs, sidewalks Fenmeihui color brick, chain blocks, bowling slabs, bricks Central Shue, Luyandan.

5.With mathod of worktable installing vertical vibrator,this machine vibrate the frame and ensure good function of big exciting force,uniform amplitude, products of high strength,good compactness,frost resisting , seepage resisting sound insulation, heat insulation.

6.conformabilisty of raw material is good.Advanced technology of vibration tale.Accurate and balanced traval route and high strength of indenter hydro cylinder ,use many kinds of waste ash,waste residue,slag, coal ore, volcanic ash,soot,stone chipping,building rabble to produce all kinds high quality bearing and non-load bearing products.

7. With technology of machine battery solution integration design and high class hydraulic component of electrical appliance,this machine due to every operate of circulation process of equipment accurately and consistently,and balanced, reliably combination property.Due to products' accurate size,balanced quality,high effeciency.


8 . The best choose of investors is something above the money's worth.High technology,high quality and high effeciency ensure high rate of return of investors.




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     QT6-15forming machine  series brick-forming machine   

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