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QT6-15series brick-forming machine

YZP160-8Aseries baking-free brick press machine
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QTJ4-25 block machine



QTJ4-25 block machine

1.  Reasonable design and compact structure,Directional vibration and frequency conversion brake.The energy consumption can be immediately stopped.It is unnecessary to supply sheet materials by men.So the labor intensity can be greatly reduced.

2.  Up and down preaaurization and strong vibration.Especially applicable high-intensity block production with the (3-5layers)stowage as soon as the blocks are shaped.

3.  A machine serves several purposes.Blocks of different specifications can be produced by the machine matching with different diesets.

Main Technical Parameters

Technical parameters of volume

4 pieces (390x190x190)mm

26pieces (240x115x53)mm

Forming cycle


Theoretical Output Table

5500-6500pieces (390x190x190)

22000-30000pieces (240x115x53)

Vibration frequency

4200times /s

Exciting force


Matching power


Appearance size


Mathing weight


Excutive standard








     QT6-15forming machine  series brick-forming machine   

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