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QT6-15 Series brick-forming machine

YZP160-8A Series baking-free brick press machine
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Table concentrator

Table concentrator

Table concentrator is a mine selecting machine for fine materials working by gravity.It is widely used in selection of tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc,tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, ferrotitanium and coal. Our company has long history of table concentrator production; The company produces the table history to be glorious, and develops the innovation unceasingly, develops from the initial straight strip surface of bed table foundation to Shan Qubo the surface of bed table to the hyperbolic wave surface of bed table, causes the table the process load, the returns-ratio and concentrates compared to all has the large scale enhancement.


Type & specification

LY N S - 2100×1050

Washing dichange of stream (t/h)

50 — 150


12 - 18

surface of bed table dimension



Frequency of stroke

250 、 350 、 450


Y90L - 6, 1.1KW

cross dip

0 - 8 0

Throughput (t/h)

0.3 - 0.5


Sand table - 2 - 0.1 pulp - 0.1

Weight ((kg)


Feeding consistency %

10 - 30

Dimension (mm)











     QT6-15Forming machine  Series brick-forming machine   

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