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QT6-15 Series brick-forming machine

YZP160-8A Series baking-free brick press machine
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Laterite brick machine

Laterite brick machine


Laterite brick machine technical parameters

Name : Laterite brick machine

Specification : D series
Instruction : D series type of brick machine and technical parameters
Item; D 280, D 300, D 350, D 400, D 500,
Throughput ( pcs/8h ) 30000-35000 35000-40000 80000-90000 120000-150000 150000-180000
Water ratio 12-15% 12-15% 12-15% 12-15% 12-15%
Thruster diameter :280mm 300mm 350mm 400mm 500mm
Thruster lead: 280mm 300mm 300mm 330mm 335mm
Main shaft rotate speed: 65r/min 65r/min 65r/min 45r/min 32r/min
Motor power: 22KW 22KW 40KW 55KW 75KW
Width between centres of Reducer: 380mm 400mm 520mm 650mm 750mm
E xtruding pressure ( MPa ) 25 25 25 25 25
Dimension(mm)2100×1000×900 2100×1000×1000 2700×1100×1150 3600×1500×1350 4200×1800×1650
overal weight 1.5T 1.7T 2.8T 3.5T 10T













     QT6-15forming machine  series brick-forming machine   

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